Fresh Face Lyrical Beast Slaughters A Whole Song With One Verse! : Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica, “Control”


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Clearly I missed a whole hip-hop revolution overnight. I woke up to people on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook losing their minds! I was wondering what was the big fuss about, so I did my own little investigation. All I saw was “Kendrick killed this..” and “Kendrick murdered that…” and I began to think, “Did he really kill someone?” 1002200_10151795187541206_59476458_n 1011631_10151795181796206_829104998_n 1173710_10151795201696206_1478431294_n

Kendrick Lamar, 26 year-old rapper from Compton, known for popular features with rappers such as A$AP Rocky and singers like Miguel, just to name some,apparently made the phrase “Off with their heads.” come to life while I was sleeping last night on the track  “Control” which was, and I remind you this was Big Sean’s song and Kendrick along with Jay Electronica were featured.

First of all it took me some time to actually find the dirty version of the song. No one wants to listen to the endless bleep outs of  expletives. So when i finally found the song via Youtube, I was very eager to listen. Usually when people are featured on songs they are up first for their verse. I listened to Big Sean’s verse and I was like “Okay this is cool” but,I had to prepare myself for the next two verses. I anticipated Kendrick’s verse because it was already evident that he dropped bombs over Baghdad with this one.  So when he came on with his signature raspy voice I was ready.

And then he went in.

When he started declaring that he was the king of things I was like whoa now. This man has balls bigger than elephantiasis. Then the name dropping is what made my blood pressure rise. He didn’t even say my name and I was sitting here in awe.  He named some of the greats ,Jay- Z stood out to me but  the fact that he named himself in that category, was it too much? I reply and say “Nope. Nope.” Then he named rappers such as J. Cole, Big Krit and Pusha T just to name a few, who are sort of like new faces of the game and claimed he was coming for the top spot.  This verse sent many rappers on twitter rants. Rants that  praised the Kendrick for his bold verse and some were not so happy. Now for those who are real fans of Kendrick , they will know this isn’t the first time he has come for the throne. On his “Monster” Freestyle Kendrick also claimed that he was coming for the top. That freestyle I must say was one of the sickest I’ve heard from him for the simple fact that I don’t entertain rap music as much as I used to.

Kendrick definitely proved that the rap game was getting to friendly so he had to change that. Many interpreted this as beef. I simply think think this was friendly fire just letting his other contenders/friends know that he wants the crown and he’s going to get it. This definitely was a wake up call to people who may have slept on him. I expect this to be the talk of the rap world for a while. When the song,oh excuse me when his verse was done, I didn’t even listen to the rest of the song. Who will respond first with a so-called track? That’s the infamous question.

Image by Getty Images
Image by Getty Images