Who You Callin’ Weird? :Otakon 2013

IMG_20130811_6This weekend there were many things going on but, only one event catches and amazes me every year. If you have no idea in hell on what I am talking about Otakon! Man, the costumes I see always put me to shame because even though I am a left handed human I know that I probably couldn’t be as creative as the people I’ve seen this weekend.This was a special weekend for the convention because was the 20thIMG_20130811_1 anniversary of Otakon!IMG_20130811_3

Otakon is an event that usually happens in the late summer. Usually in August, Otakon is a convention for  Anime and other East Asian pop culture. The Otakon Convention o started in 1994,the first convention occured in State College Pennsylvania. The popular convention is currently held annually held at the Baltimore Convention Center which is located in downtown Baltimore, but will soon be branching out to Las Vegas. A lot of people are very ignorant when it comes to Otakon because all they see are the costumes and instantly think, “Weirdos.”IMG_20130811_2IMG_20130811_7 Not knowing that most of those people and indeed i said MOST, are actually perfectly normal people who just have a love for anime. I usually am working when this convention is town but, this year I made it. The costumes in my opinion were very creative. Some were more tasteful than others but, everyone gets an A for effort. Every year I see the different costumes I get artistically aroused.  The fact that the majority of the downtown area is populated with anime costumes on showed the dedication these people have to what they love. I have no problem with people supporting something positive. Next year you look out for me and my costume.IMG_20130811_4