“With Liberty and Justice for All”

flag-lThe Pledge of Allegiance ….is what US as a country may call it, but is there really a such thing as “Justice for all?”Or is it justice for them.  Most of us who can verbally say the pledge don’t even know our rights as a citizen, it’s to the point where justice for all is like a mirage to the youth, a mirage to the blacks, a mirage to this country.  We can see justice on paper but some of us will never actually experience it. Some of us are ridiculed every day of our lives but we don’t even know it. In the words of some we are sluts to our own country because we are being fucked by the government. On a local note Baltimore has been experiencing a high volume of local crimes. Nobody wants to be categorized as a snitch so no one says anything. I believe in minding my own business so I do, but with this mentality where will we get and what will we get? We scream “No Justice no peace” only to prove that we have barbaric characteristics. They say “Practice what you preach”which has me thinking thinking we must be preaching the gospel of violence. We want justice for young men like Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant, but there are many other cases like such in this country.1073893_10151767138531206_1835276317_o It’s sad that it takes for a case to be televised for a revolution to be televised. In my city, Baltimore, people would rather attend a funeral than be a part of someone’s living testimony. If you saw The Wire, then don’t doubt the ugly of my city. Don’t get me wrong my city is a beautiful one but we need more role models… more justice for innocent people who have fell victim to thoughtless crimes. Who do we blame for most of our youth being criminals. We can do all of the marching and rallies we want, but we need to know our laws…know our rights. The only way we can attempt to get justice is without ignorance. Most don’t understand that. What does the American flag mean to me? What does it mean to you or anybody else? In this day and age the American flag is a simple motif of what our generation has not lived up to. The Pledge of Allegiance is similar to a layer of dead skin, it fell off along with the morals of the people we call neighbors. Just remember it starts at HOME.