Man I Love College: Back to the Basics

841057_10151457268211206_581516436_oIt’s about that time again.  I know half of my fellow college students aren’t even prepared to go back. Me either. Most are worried about what they are going to wear on their first day of school,while us college students are worried about other shit. We worry about  tuition, that’s the most important

thing. Books, we got to have our books. With no books on the first week we definitely feel like “Damn,I’m stupid!” Some wait until the syllabus for every class is passed out to have the definite approval of the books that we need. Speaking of syllabi, most college students hate them. Thank God that most syllabi are online now. I remember when I first started college and my folders were always full of papers from the first day and they never left those folders either. Colleges decided to go paperless, well at least my college did. University of Baltimore was sort of like a blessing in disguise. College students never have to worry about first day outfits. You know how in high school you have to have the freshest outfit and then wear it for a few days . Well you get a wake up call I n college when you walk in to class and everyone is in sweats or even their pajamas. The only year that your look matters is freshman year, the year where you’re still wondering if college is where you belong. Freshman year is the impression year. Besides that there are a lot of other college woes, being a transfer student, which is what I will be experiencing , can be overwhelming. You will be in a new environment, there will be new people, and even new rules. For someone who is timid it can be a bit of a hassle to be a transfer student. Financial woes are the biggest of college woes. Sometimes financial aid may not go through and if you are paying for it out of your own pockets you better keep up with it. Losing track of paying for your own tuition is like digging your own grave. If student loans are offered to you, choose wisely! You don’t want to be in debt for the rest of your life. On the brighter side us college students love refund checks,almost to the point we take out loans just so that we can get a refund check back. It can be a blessing and a curse to take out loans and get refunds back. I usually use my refunds for books nowadays because I have become somewhat responsible. Some people buy new wardrobes and even cars! Overall the back to school experience is always uncertain you don’t know if you’re going to go back and see your friends or enemies. You don’t know if you’re professor will be an ass or a sweetheart. All that you are sure of is that you will get tons of syllabi that day. To my college students I wish you the best of luck this semester!