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We’re more than friends. We’re creators in unison. I’m more than proud to present to you guys my interview with Creative Jarvis Smith aka TrackSmith. A few months back , he made a career-changing move by relocating to California to work and to be mentored by Baltimore Recording Artist King Los, who is also his big Cuz. In this interview, we talk about the creative juices when creating music, dedication to the craft,  and that damn California weather. Check it out !!!
{KF= Karlito Freeze , TS= TrackSmith.}
KF: Track Smith!!! What’s up, brother?
TS: Freeze! What’s good fam?
KF: Everything good, just maintaining. How’s that Cali weather treating you ?
TS: Can’t even lie, it’s amazing. Been averaging around 65-75 degrees lately
KF: Sheesh? I know you’re glad you’re not getting slapped by this Baltimore weather. Haaa
TS: (Laughs) Not at all. You can handle that weather over there, hence your name.
KF: Ya diggggg haha, Of course. You’re from the city, born and raised. How was the transition from Baltimore to California?
TS: It was an easy process because literally the day I got here we got straight to work. The hardest part was leaving everything I was comfortable with behind me.
KF: That’s probably a good thing. Leaving a comfortable lifestyle to a different one. I bet Cali was EASY to adjust to
TS: It was, though. Especially since I’ve always been a fan of the city for as long as I can remember. You know, I’m a long time Lakers and Kobe fan and I always wanted a Lamborghini. So what could be a better place for me?
KF: Damn straight, I know you’re working side by side with Big Cuzzo King Los. What have you learned being hands on with such an Elite MC?
TS: I learned that simplicity is the key. It’s not about being the absolute best but, it’s about being able to communicate with others and sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own genius that we don’t recognize that everybody can’t comprehend your genius. So then we have to almost bring people to our level of comprehension slowly but surely.
KF: Word Up. Do you feel like he feeds off of your energy and feedback, being that you guys are family and your hunger as an up and coming creator ?
TS: Yeah for sure. We definitely just feed off of each other’s energy and just create based on the vibe we’re in. It’s almost like I’m his translator, to a degree. There are times when he’ll have an idea and describe it to me as best as he can and I’ll just have to bring it to life.
Overall,  we work great together. The team we have is strong. Los, Mixx , and I  could cause problems for some people in the near future lol
KF: That’s love. Can you describe a studio experience like such ? Ok so I’ll talk about his record “Boys in the Hood” When we started that record, TLOP had just dropped and we were all just inspired by Ye.
TS: Ok so I’ll talk about his record “Boys in the Hood.” When we started that record, TLOP had just dropped and we were all just inspired by Ye.  Los says “Yo cuz, we need something real dirty and different” and he started playing air piano humming. So I just start playing different things and one progression specifically captured the entire rooms attention and we just built from there. That’s kind of been our thing. We just go in and create based off  the vibe of the film. Everything organic, no samples.
KF: Definitely!!! How many tracks does he have that you produced?
TS: In total, I’m sure we have at least 20+ songs by now.
KF: Mannn. So are you working with other artists ??
TS: Yeah, I’ve done some work with Teyana Taylor, Desiigner, and a couple more people. But I can’t reveal everybody at once mane lol
KF: Haha ! I appreciate the Uncommon Realist Exclusive! Do you plan on signing with Los’ situation or starting your own imprint ?
TS: To be honest, I haven’t even thought about signing. I want to start my own imprint though but, that’s down the road a little. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and it’s not all music.
KF: Dope that’s respectable.
TS: I just refuse to be just a producer. It’s too much money to make.  People be sleeping.
KF: Do you plan on working on any solo projects ?
TS: Actually, yeah I do. I’m gonna be doing a project for myself soon. I just haven’t had  a lot of time to put into it just yet. But trust me, it’s coming.
KF: Definitely. Give us a quick touch on your roots as a music composer
TS: I started out playing piano in church, and I also studied classical piano performance at Morgan State University for some time as well. I didn’t really start producing until May 2015 after I lost my job with footlocker. From that point, I just put all of my energy into becoming the best I can be.
KF: Absolutely. I see that it has worked for the best!  Before we wrap up, what can you say to young “artists” that have questions about risk-taking when pursuing their passion?
TS: All I can say is that if you want to be successful you have to believe in yourself, put in the necessary work, and sacrifice some things. You’ll start to sacrifice the turn up for your dream if it’s that real.
And also, don’t live your life in a way where you’ll have regrets. Live free and make sure you’re happy!
KF: Word up !!! I appreciate you rapping with me bro. I know you gotta get back to making magic. Holla at me

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