[QOTW] How Do You Process Anger? [Written by Brandon Williams]

Image Source: TheGuardian.com
Image Source: TheGuardian.com

One of the biggest holidays in our country is upon us and, whether you choose to celebrate it or not,  you have to at least admit that there are some bright sides to it, the food being the biggest. Also, there is the fact that it’s one of the few times that our families gather en masse and sit down to catch up and cut up all before and after enjoying a delicious meal while recognizing what we all have to be thankful for. However, there is a darker side to this holiday, and I’m not referring to its tragic origins. I am referring to the people acting like wild animals in the name of saving a few dollars on items that were going to be on sale either way and  to just the issues that can arise by dealing with our families in such close-knit quarters. So this holiday season I want to ask,  how do you deal with the chaos of the holidays? When that family member that always has something smart to say decides to aim their sights at you, do you fire back or are you more of the separate yourself type? Is there maybe something that was said or done at the last family gathering that you’ve been unable to let go of that will resurface? Or vice versa? Let us know in the comments. When the stress of the holidays or just life, in general, gets to its tipping point and you feel as though your blood is going to boil over, what is your process for dealing with it?? We look forward to seeing your responses and I would like to wish you all a happy, blessed and safe Thanksgiving…and if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, happy Thursday anyway!

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