[Karlito's Korner] FOL Remix Track Review By Karlito

15057865_10207511111598687_55092786_nEZE, of the Silent Tough Guys Crew, dropped his FOL Remix track off to the Korner for an honest review. Here goes it.

Out of 10, I will give the song a 5.

It’s not a bad song. Not too often, I see rappers pushing a love song from the “hurt” point of view. That’s a plus. Unfortunately, I have more dislikes than likes about this track.

Though it is titled the remix, it doesn’t feel like one. I wish I heard the original version to get the full effect of the remix. Also, the beat sounds like a remake of Wales 2013 Smash, Bad. Could have been a good thing until 3 of the 5 artists featured on this remix flowed like Wale, even using his cadence from time to time.

Also, if this song is a remix about falling out of love, I would have loved to hear a female perspective on this remix. Hearing 5 dudes on a love song kind of threw me off. Imagine A Three 6 Mafia Posse Song about falling out of love ? Nahhhh

But I will say, the hook is good and fits the production. This song has the potential to be a smash. I honestly want EZE to revisit this track and deliver a smash.

Soundcloud link below. Let me know how you feeling the track.