[Poetry] Distorted Beauty [Written By Dionne Saucier]


No one told me that it wouldn’t be easy.


That I would have to sort and feel my way through life, like a blind person seeking light through eyes that appeared to others as empty.


That I would have to experience things for myself, by myself.


Through looking at myself in the mirror, I could no longer hide my secrets that screamed back at me.


My reflection told a story of deep hurt that lied surrounded in a pool full of insecurities.


From the corners of the mirror, oozed out my many imperfections.


There I stood exposed, naked, like a newborn fresh out of its mother’s womb. Lost, with no sense of direction.


The mirror began to crack and I was forced to figure out how to put the pieces back together again.


Failed attempts at putting the pieces back together, I began to question whether I was going insane because with each failed attempt I’d managed to cut myself but, with open arms, I welcomed the pain.


Pain was something that had become familiar to me.


It was a comforter, a security blanket like the seeds are to the roots and the roots are to the tree.


I looked myself in the eyes and I was ashamed at what I saw.


I saw someone who didn’t know how to admire the beauty in her flaws.



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