[Poetry] Black Girl Magic [Written By Chasity Pryor]

Her skin is sticky from the apricot juice as it runs down and dots the top of her breasts, so plump. The drops sit like little puddles of sweet nectar. 

Her golden skin glimmers under the rays of the sun, soaking up the vitamin d. She is the mother of the earth, regal in her beauty.

Sunflowers woven into her hair, she is from the universe, a goddess. She houses the honey makers, buzzing with a passion for this siren. 

With teeth so white and skin like cocoa, she mesmerizes her admirers.

If I could run my tongue across her plump breasts, letting that sweet juice coat my tongue, tasting the tangy of her skin–

       Her savory knowledge

     Her spicy strength

     Her smoky pride

             The peppery tingle of her sassiness,

  The herbaceous punch of her resistance could hit their stomachs and rush through their veins–        

            healing all judgment, opening all eyes to the woman before them with the sweet chocolate skin.

Lay your mind on a platinum platter Queen and feed this starving world.


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