[Local Politics Blurb] Shelia Dixon Shows That She's No Quitter As She Plans To Run As Write-In Mayoral Candidate [Written By Shae McCoy]


Source: CNN.com

Former Baltimore mayor, Shelia Dixon, is no quitter.  Tuesday, the former democratic mayor announced that she plans to run as a write-in candidate in this year’s mayoral election. Shelia has been showing her concern for the risen crime rate in the city but, with her history of embezzlement, many question whether she is worth a second chance.  Other Baltimoreans still have a soft spot for her and believe that she is what Baltimore needs right now.  Write-in ballots have a history of not being successful but Shelia has faith in her campaign. Although she was unsuccessful in running against Catherine Pugh in the primaries, Shelia is not letting it deter her from getting the vote of those who want to see her come out on top. This will be very interesting to witness and even more exciting if she actually beats the odds.