[QOTW] What Would You Do With Your Last 24 Hours on Earth? [Written by, Brandon Williams]

Now I realize that this may seem like a very morbid topic to consider but, sadly the truth of death is one that we all have to face on a daily basis. I think our greatest fear/trepidation about death comes from the unknown, not just the unknown of what happens after but WHEN it’s going to happen. Life, with all of its amazement and splendor, has one fatal flaw and that flaw is fatality. At any moment, at any point, at any time we could be called to our final resting place and there is honestly not much we can do about it aside from living our lives to the fullest every day. Unfortunately, in today’s society the cost of living has increased and the risks we face, especially for people of color, have risen at an exponential rate, putting the hovering threat of death even closer to our faces than most of us are comfortable with. But what if you did know? What if you received a letter or message from some divine source that notified you that you had 24 hours to live, beginning at the time you received the notice? What would you do with your last full day of life? Would you spend it trying to tell your loved ones how you feel about them? Would you go out with a bang and just party and get wasted until the clock struck zero? Would you just carry it like any other day because you’d be in disbelief? How would you handle the news?

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