[Joke’s On Politics] Donald Trump Wants A Spot In The White House

Photo Cred: www.washingtonpost.com

So far so funny. The 2016 presidential race seems to become more and more amusing as time progresses. Tuesday real estate mogul, Donald Trump, announced that he will also running in the 2016 presidential election. Many of us saw it coming simply because he has been teasing at it for years. He is also known for taking multiple jabs at President Obama challenging his presidency. Does Donald Trump have enough political background? That’s a good question. Trump has contributed to the Democratic and Republican parties and even endorsed former presidential candidates such as Mitt Romney. He’s poked at running for president but, it wasn’t until this year that his decision was final. Flaunting his financial strengths and strategic business savvy capabilities, many wonder if Trump is just about the financial spectrum of this or whether he will be able to handle the country’s debts, wars, and internal issues all in one. Trump is kind of already in a rough patch being as though recent polls show that Republicans don’t really favor him. Do you think he has a chance or is this race simply a free for all?

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