[What Matters] Why Arnesha Bowers Should Be The Topic of Discussion

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While your mind was away worried about simple matters , this young lady was taking her last breath in the hands of cowards. Arnesha Bowers, a 16 year old of Baltimore City, probably didn’t think that one day the young men she called her friends would soon be the reason she is not here on earth in flesh. Bowers was in her junior year at Baltimore City College. That’s where we connect. From what my former English teacher along with her family members spoke of her this young lady was bright and amicable. Why her? Sometimes the sweetest people attract the most toxic people. What did Arnesha do to deserve being sexually assaulted and have her genitals along with her home burned? Absolutely nothing. According to various media sources, Bowers’ “friends” who are not even worthy enough to be named committed these acts regarding an alleged gang initiation. Bowers was in the company of one of the first two suspects earlier that day. She was followed home. That night her home was broken in to and she was sexually assaulted , strangled, and her home was burnt down. Recent headlines spoke of a third and possible fourth suspect, the third who burned her genitals to rid her body of evidence as if assaulting her wasn’t enough. If this story did not make you cringe or bring any emotion out of you then I’d make the assumption that you are sick. Why should we care? Good Question. This could have been you, your sister, or your mother. We scream “Black lives matter,” but do they matter only when white cops brutalize us? Do they matter when we kill our own? Do black women and girls stand a chance in? These are all questions that we should have answered with actions a long time ago. We talk justice for black men all the time, but where is the protection for our black women and girls? I am almost 100 percent sure Arnesha had a bright future ahead and just in the drop of a dime the light dimmed and went out.

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  1. This matters so much to and it hit me hard, my heart hurts so bad that this has happened to this young lady, she did not deserve this she had her whole life ahead of her, it saddens me that people can be so cruel to another human being (child at that). I have a sixteen year old and I can’t even imagine going through what her family is going through. Im praying for her family.

  2. This tragedy breaks my heart. I had Arnesha in my kindergarten/first grade before and aftercare class and when I heard her name on the radio my heart broke. I prayed it wasn’t her but when I googled her name her picture appeared…. The same bright eyed, big smiled Arnesha appeared. Instantly memories of the 5 year old that I loved resurfaced.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Bowers family.

    1. Thank you for taking the time out to read , I know this had to be a hard pill to swallow being as though this was your student at one point. This really got to me not only because I once went to the same highschool as her but, she was so young and what was done to her was very barbaric

  3. Its messed up indeed, I saw this story on the news. Honestly these are the questions we’ve been asking for years, its more along how can we do something about this, so we can prevent tragedies like in Arnesha’s case. It’s sickening the extents people will go just for their own personal gain. Smh

  4. This is why Baltimore needs to have the death penalty, and it should be televised!! Ignorant ass holes like this get to go to prison, earn a degree, get 3 hots and a cot, this young Angel suffered, I really wish she carried a knife to stand have a chance against three demons. It wouldn’t be this much murder in Baltimore if jerks knew they would get the chair!!! She even looked like an angel! God is holding her in his mighty arms.

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