[Enough is Enough] Rachel Dolezal: The Main Distraction [Opinionated Article]

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What were you doing all of last week? Hopefully you have still been paying attention to what is going on around you locally and have not been fully  consumed by the mockery that Rachel Dolezal has exhibited. Recently, the now former NAACP chapter president in Spokane was accused of deceiving the public by identifying as an African American. I won’t spend too much time on this,but as always there’s always something brought along to distract us from bigger problems murders, government blunders and much more. During this week I’ve heard terms like trans-racial and trans-racist,what the fuck is that? My issue with Rachel is that she lied for so long, not that she was a white woman in the NAACP . My issue is that with every time I’ve heard this woman open her mouth she’s made herself look even more foolish. This woman has been compared to people such as Michael Jackson!
Come on now. A man who has vitiligo has nothing to do with a woman who basically up and said  one day ” I’m African American.” I’ve also heard the ” Black girls straighten their hair and wear blonde weave,” bullshit. You don’t see these women running organizations pretending to be other races either.  We say ” If she wants to be black, let her be,” but we condemn our own just for a hairstyle and wearing contacts?  Rachel could have made as much of an impact with the NAACP as a white woman as she did disguised. All in all this has our attention more than what really matters. In a nutshell Rachel is like a shit stain in a pair of good underwear, she’ll soon be washed out and this too shall pass. Meanwhile murder rates are rising, natural resources are depleting and we’re worried about a woman in black-face. If we’re suppose to accept this situation then we need to be accepting of everyone. I have heard so many excuses on why what this woman has displayed is justifiable, lying is never justifiable from anyone. Check out her interview with TODAY‘s Matt Lauer below and figure out if this is a subject you still want to waste your time on.



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