[Take A Listen] B-roc The Prophecy X Something Real

This album is the first elaborate production from B-roc since the release of his 2011 mixtape “The Prophecy Vol.2“. This album is a twisted body of work that plays as an audio movie peeking into his past, a revealing a chain of events that took place during his high school years. With strong lyrical content, edgy subject matter, and clean production also done by the artist, you are sure to feel how he felt in that current day and time. It’s storytelling at its finest. Hip Hop at its best. Get ready for something real…

 You read the description! Now listen to the tracks, they definitely will send you in to a lyrical frenzy! The content of Something Real definitely lives up to the moniker. Make sure you keep up with B-Roc by connecting with him socially and musically! 


Facebook: B-Roc The Prophecy

Twitter: @roc_music808

Instagram: @roc_music808

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