[In Review] Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes: Ape Domination vs. Human Survival [No Spoilers!]

film / Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
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Nothing says “humans should be ashamed” better than Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.The Matt Reeves directed sequel ,which picked up from Rise of the Planet of the Apes,definitely gave humans an insight on what we need to work on as a species, sticking together. From graphics down into the gritty depths of reality and symbolism this film keeps you at the edge of your seat as every scene made you ponder the near extinction of the human race.

Obviously, from previous Planet of The Apes films one can say that the apes have evolved from the simple “No!” of Caesar and sign language to the two combined and a compilation of broken sentences. In this film you will witness internal and external conflicts between the animal and human species. As well as compassion expressed between the opposing forces. Foreshadowed betrayal becomes evident towards the end of the film but,betrayal builds relationship bonds throughout Dawn that appear predictable.

The film entrance focuses on the wide range of humans vs. apes after civilization has declined but, as Dawn progresses you start to see who and what the main focus is. Territory and trust are two bluntly existing factors in the Ape colony as they appear as the dominant force due to the ALZ-113 virus (Simian Flu) which wiped out most of the human race decades back. With  resources that are limited to none one can only imagine the hardships and obstacles experienced to stabilize.

Malcolm (Jason Clarke),one of abundance of San Francisco survivors  and Caesar (Andy Serkis) constantly battle with the levels of trust between them. Outside causing factors kept the bond of trust very thin for a while throughout the film. The apes were at first welcoming to Malcolm,Ellie (Keri Russell), Alexander (Kodi Smit Mcphee) and the crew they brought along but, the balance varied as different situations caused for different measures as members of the human clique began to show disloyalty. A drastic turn within an empire is what causes a powerful union that most of us may have expected but, then again still waited to be assured of. In the cracks of a union,division still leaked through. Only to realize in the end that in order to survive that both species had to learn to live with each other,but is the war of human vs. primate. The consistent theme was loyalty and there was no doubt that the theme was contradicted. The closing of the movie left us with a cliffhanger indicating another series of events to follow in another sequel.

There definitely are some [wtf] moments in the film,certain instances that will drive you into a frenzy. If you are one who goes in depth with details, Dawn presents plenty of modern day situations in a peculiar method. If you are smart enough you’ll be able to point out the cultural and scientific references head on. Seeing this film will make you face the harsh realities about the human race and how we contribute to our own discrepancies. You might want to befriend a primate, who knows.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is definitely a must see! With 73 million at the box office opening weekend, you would want to go see what the buzz is about.As if the vague review wasn’t enough. [lol]  If you enjoy versatility within a plot I recommend this sci-fi flick for you!

UncommonRealist Rating: A

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  1. Great review Shaè. I hope to check it out this up coming weekend. Your review gives me a lot of insight to look for when I go see it.

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