[Watch This] FLOWER BOY: a conversation with Jerrod Carmichael & Tyler, The Creator

Have you listened to Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy album? If you have, you will enjoy this, and if you haven’t, you’ll still appreciate this. It’ll most likely make you want to go listen to it and drown out your surroundings.

I definitely enjoyed this interview style between Jerrod Carmichael and Tyler because it wasn’t a typical stern journalist vs. Music Artist type of thing. Part of it may be because they are already familiar with one another. I felt like I was sitting in the room with these two as I added my commentary a few times, subconsciously.

During this conversation, Tyler goes in depth about each track on the Flower Boy album. From composition to the reasons why he chose the features that he did. I enjoyed how Jerrod pressed the envelope, but not in a way that would make him appear to be pressed for information. He is very engaging and you can tell that he is very knowledgeable of the body of work he’s discussing.

One of my favorite parts of the conversation would have to be when Tyler goes to describe the sound composition of Who Dat Boy and how he said the inspiration came from a photo. I can’t even explain how happy that made me, but I was cheesing hard as hell. Every time Tyler discusses his inspirations and mentions the greats like Stevie Wonder, and even more modern greats like Pharrell, I’m elated.

I definitely learned a lot, and when Tyler talks about who originally was going to get what tracks, in my mind I was like “Thank you, God, that he kept the tracks and did his own thing!” Oh, and I finally got the explanation of November that I was waiting for. A friend and I thought we had the message down-packed, but we didn’t. Now I can say the lyrics to November with pride.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.