[New Music] 7uca X Womens [Ft. Kon Kyoshi]

Visual Direction By: 7uca and Ketsado

Filmed By: Ketsado

If you’re into music and instrumentals like I am, the first thing that stands out is the Spaz sample from N.E.R.D. Although it is slowed down, each artist did an immaculate job at delivering bars that rode the beat correctly. I’ve never heard of Kon Kyoshi until this track, but his intro, which led to what 7uca was offering, is appreciated. The setting of Women’s is pretty cool too. I think for the past few years music videos have been lacking creativity. I never knew dudes went to the laundromat to discuss women woes, or it could be symbolic of “airing out dirty laundry.” From the lighting to the expressions of the people in the video, the tone is set. This video is the first official release from 7uca’s latest album Viicious. It is available on all streaming platforms.