[QOTW] What Is Your Earliest Memory? [Written By Brandon Williams]

Image Source: MIT News
Image Source: MIT News

Childhood can be regarded as one of the happiest times of our lives. It was a

time where some of our only main concerns were going to school, keeping our rooms

clean, and making sure we were in the house before the street lights came on. And

while some of those things are still important to us as adults, along with that is a whole

bunch of work and stress and debt and more work and just a load of responsibilities that

nobody prepared us for coming up. All the adults we had to answer to, between our

parents and our teachers, and none of them could even give us a verbal warning. They just let

us grow up and get slapped across the face with all this nonsense. I think back to my

younger days a lot, all the good times I had, all the bad situations I was in that I was

able to ignore because I was a child, and I had the privilege of irresponsibility (yes that’s

a real thing). All the video games played with dozens of my friends in the same room,

going to school parties dressed incredibly fresh only to sweat the hell out of it, stealing

shit from stores before they put cameras on every aisle, typical childhood memories. In

the midst of all these thoughts, I sometimes find myself trying to think back to my

earliest memory as a child. The farthest back I can get is three years old, I remember

my mother helping me get dressed and making some kind of hilarious face and that’s

literally where the memory stops. I know this isn’t the kind of thing you may think about

a lot but, try to go back in your mind as far as you can and recall your earliest

childhood memory.