[Poetry] A Soul On The Run [Written By Dionne Saucier]


All that she aspires to be is the epitome of something great.

Even if that means going through life not knowing her own fate.

When she closes her eyes she can see her vision so clear.

But when she opens her eyes it’s back to life back to reality and that vision seems to

just disappear.

Destined for greatness but it’s so hard to obtain it.

Everlasting life is a wonderful thing but you have to strip so much of yourself just to

gain it.

The road to her future self is like a two sided mirror.

Because her present self struggles to see all that her future self holds which to them

already appears to be that much clearer.

Walking a path where at every corner there is a dead end, that is punishing her for

doing all things that she knew was condemned.

But if you look closely you’ll find there is a trapped soul who is looking for answers to

her problems that only God can mend.

Her spirit has been broken like scattered pieces of glass across the floor.

Seeking refuge from place to place only to find she is going through a revolving door.

Hosanna! Hosanna! Save us! Save us!

But who would want to save someone who lives their life so unjust?

Time isn’t of her essence because she wasted so much of it transgressing.

Glorifying her shame, wearing her sins across her chest like a badge of honor and

Sinner was her first name.

Giving into her bodily flesh because she felt like God was through putting up with her


The audacity of her to still expect to be blessed when she’s doing things that are looked

upon as blasphemous.

Monday through Saturday Saturday through Monday she lives her life behind closed

doors like that of a heathen.

Just to get in front of the saints on Sunday mornings, lying and deceiving screaming

out Hallelujah! Hallelujah! just to fit in with the believers.

Full with abomination like she doesn’t have to stand before God one day as

prophesied in the book of Revelations.

Dreams and aspirations gone from her mind without a trace.

With the only way for them to be restored is through God’s good grace