[Mental Health] Start With You [Written By Kevin Hart]

Photo Credit: www.itsnever2late2.com


Mourning the state of our country is not nearly as weighty as mourning the state of our interpersonal relationships. To be so lost in the sky that we focus on the negative things unseen to the naked eye, just because we’re “woke” to this shit now — it has taken us far away from being alive and well in our daily walk right here on planet earth. The everyday interactions you have are now contaminated with the bitterness and disgust that you have allowed to creep into your heart. For something we can’t even change, we’ve forfeited our actual influence in the arena in which we play ball. The game is still going on and yet we cry about how the owners do business. However, I think we knew the business was corrupt when we signed the contract so, why not play our hearts out and stand for something rather than fight for nothing. I repeat my premise: We cannot change the evil that affects us, rather we must be unaffected by it.

I say this to state that we are a part of the problem when we react in a way that lashes out against others. Instead of fighting to win on the plane we’ve been given to operate, we provoke a sense of self-enlightenment in knowing what’s going on outside the stadium. Tell me, would it be more powerful to the people in your city to win a championship and visit their communities with your trophies of valor held high than to strike the owners’ corruption and lead a movement to eliminate the games altogether? We want justice so badly that we fight blindly instead of choosing our battles wisely. Do you realize how difficult it would be to rally everyone for one cause and expect in them the courage to sacrifice all their glory for justice? The very same reason we are oppressed is the same reason it’s impossible to activate a movement for change. The same human nature that lords billion dollar industries over our meek contributions with strength in numbers is the same human nature that endures the greed of an individual to take the easy way out and not rise against. They have families, houses, cars, and luxuries of which they attach themselves to and will not relent. This very tendency to cling to our physical inheritance is the same reason why the enemy continues to breed a large physical dynasty. Yet, there are spiritual means to conquer. There are clever tactics to destroy eminent strongholds. There is a subtle strategy to overtake the popular opinion of what it’s like to lead a good life. There is a way out but you must operate in the physical manifestation that is you. You must own your portion.

Just as your feet are the first to touch the ground when you walk, we must start small in the physical and speak life into the spiritual. In other words, your body can’t go anywhere that your feet aren’t willing to take it. We must take step by step in aligning the feet on our own personal path of peace, joy, and righteousness. Whatever that looks like for you, this must be your first move in honoring your initial relationship as the creation to the Creator. If you don’t take the time to embrace your true north, you’ll be directed into all kinds of chaos you hadn’t hoped for. We must understand our calling and purpose from the inside out. Where our feet lead us becomes what our hands touch, and what our hand’s touch becomes what our mouths consume, and what our mouths consume becomes what our heart’s desire. If we desire the same thing that kills us, we must stop walking into the enemy’s trap. We must produce good fruit in our own lives if we truly expect our governing powers to change even a minuscule from their ways of destruction. We must be mindful of the atmosphere that we share with that enemy and we must recognize the choice we have in not condoning inappropriate behavior when presented with it. Even so, we must address these disagreements as they occur so that we may retain focus on the numerous amount of positive vibes available for us to feed on as a whole. In turn, we’ll be better suited to emphasize the wonderful potency of unity through humble opportunities to agree and limitless reasons to be thankful. We must be the change we wish to see in the world but, you must first start with you. You plus you plus you equals we, the people and the people will rise again. It all starts with you. We need you!