[Karlito's Korner] Drake "Child's Play" Video Reaction


Saturday Night, while chilling in the cut in my neighborhood, YouTube sent me a notification saying that Drake‘s new video Child’s Play was available to stream. Besides Hotline Bling, Drake hasn’t released a visual from Views yet, which is new for the 6 God. I expected him to make a video for Controlla ,One Dance, or even Pop Style but I understand why he chose Child’s Play. The imagery of the song is hilarious and stands out amongst the other tracks on Views.
Beyond excited and curious, I kicked back and tuned in.

Drake reenacts the first 4 lines of Child’s Play with a restaurant scene featuring the beautiful Tyra Banks. The skit starts off with Drake alarmed that he left his phone at the table with his date, knowing he was dishonest with her about his whereabouts the night before. Unfortunately for him, Tyra goes through Drake‘s phone and finds what makes her upset. She goes off on him, causing a scene in Cheesecake Factory, with the hilarious line, ” Me and your mother call you Aubrey, these b*tches call you Drake.” Flustered and embarrassed, Drake attempts to take control of the situation and ends up with cake on his face and red wine as his sweater. The music begins and the 6God raps his first verse in the same state that Tyra left him in. Very very creative.

After the first verse the song transitions into a voicemail from Houston OG J Prince JR, encouraging Drake to get over the situation with Tyra by linking up at the strip club in Houston. I won’t spoil the rest but I will say that Drake has, once again, stood out with his visual pieces. Of all his videos, this makes my top 5 favorite Drake videos after Started From the Bottom, Hotline Bling, Find Your Love, & Headlines. Though the video was “exclusive” to Apple Music, I was able to access it on YouTube. 

Korryn Forever ,
Karlito Freeze