[Mix-Tape Review] J- Law X P.U.S.H. [Written By Brandon Williams]

Baltimore Hip-hop artist J-Law recently published his 4th solo project entitled, P.U.S.H: The EP.  PUSH is a mnemonic device meaning “Pray Until Something Happens” and, in this writer’s opinion, this album is what true hip-hop fans could consider a breath of fresh air in alternative to the current direction the rap music scene has been heading lately. His blend of both reality and optimism, where typically artists tend to focus on living and dealing with the struggle day to day, J-Law chooses to focus more so on facing those struggles head on with nobody but God by your side and the feeling of surpassing those struggles and coming out on top. From start to finish, the 8 track EP is a brief yet soulful journey into the mind of a young, black, single father trying to provide for his children while chasing his dream of making music. The tone of the project as a whole is one of overcoming adversity and the production does tremendous work in keeping us in that frame of mind. Being from Baltimore, it’s only natural that J-Law chose to keep everything about this project home grown, beginning with the fact that all of the beats for this project were produced by Baltimore based producer J8S. J-Law chose to record the mix tape at “The Finger Print” Studios, having it engineered by Savage Da Beast of Team Kreamate. Even the features on the album, although there were few, the artists he chose to feature verses from are all talented Baltimore artists such as IconDaGod and Jai Ivy. It is always inspiring to come across a project such as this where an artist is not only displaying his own skills but, is willing to reach out and share that platform with others who are all taking the same road to get to the top.
For those interested in listening to P.U.S.H.: The EP for yourself,  it can be found on Datpiff and  Spinrilla, and his debut single “Find A Way” is available for purchase on iTunes music.  If this project is any indication of what J-Law has in store for us in the future, he is definitely solidifying his place as an artist to keep an eye on.

J-Law Instagram: @jlawtheone
J-Law Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/JLawTheOne
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JLawTheOne