[Mental Health] In Disorders, I Disbelieve [Written By Kevin Hart]

Photo Credit: merapoetics.com

In disorders, I disbelieve.

I disbelieve that we have been in any way disorderly to the chemical and physical reactions we’ve undergone due to the enemy attack and the distorting of our very own being somewhere deep in the past. I disbelieve that we are of disorderly conduct as a whole in the way we sense life in general. I also disbelieve that our reaction has been unruly, rather a necessary counter-intuition to contend for humanity as we enter into such a time as this.

I do believe we have overcome an insurmountable allotment of struggle that a systematic oppressor may or may not have pre-assigned our names. I do believe we are rising above the chains bound to us as the ground loosens and the earth shakes. I do believe we are ascending this death by grave life sentence mind frame and transcending by faith what love has given us in Christ name. I do believe that we will be saved by grace; it’s a choice and you get to make it. Don’t ever be ashamed of what God gave ya.

In disorders, I disbelieve.
You took the apple far from the tree
By cutting out the ground beneath me

Down I fell a cliff into a well
But my seed found the weeds
Caught close in between
So I lodged there beneath

Falling to my death
Found deep in my hell
A fear of imploding oneself
Prolonged for just one second
The roots of my very own being

Another living tree
Gave juice to my leaves
And there I grew to be
Sprouting from a heartbeat
A clump of mud was enough
To complete me
Your love was a light and a reason
Streams were a silent blessing
Life was my freedom

When nature is given to sing
Wisdom, her symphony
There is no mistake
But distortion is hate
In disorders, I disbelieve
Look at the rose
Addressing the concrete
Full grown love believes
From the roots to the leaves
In disorders, I disbelieve