[A Hard Hitter] Creed Movie Trailer Will Make You Eager To Fight For A Front Row Seat In Theaters

Warner Bros. Pictures

If you had doubts about the seventh installment of the Rocky franchise, this is for you. Tuesday evening may have been one of the most intense moments you’ll have this week as the Ryan Coogler directed film Creed debuts their first trailer! Michael B. Jordan took it to his Instagram with a minor tease and shortly after the full length trailer was revealed just about everywhere on the net!

In this trailer you get to see a little bit of the main characters along with other characters who contribute to the film. Michael B. Jordan has bulked up for the part as Adonis Creed (son of the late Apollo Creed) and you will definitely see that he’s the one for those gloves. You will also see Phylicia Rashad  who plays Mary Anne Creed and Sylvester Stallone  who will play as Adonis‘ mentor and still as the legendary Rocky Balboa

The trailer also hinted at a love interest, which most women who love Jordan will hate, played by Dear White People‘s Tessa Thompson. There’s other treats and teasers in the trailer but, we won’t spill anymore tea. 

Creed is set to hit theaters November 25th of this year. With the delivery of Fruitvale Station it’s safe to say that Ryan Coogler can be trusted with such a legendary film.

We’re ready for a theatrical TKO.