[Let’s Talk About] Michael B. Jordan: Why His #BlackLivesMatter Speech Needs To Be Discussed

Current events have all of our minds blown. From the rioting in Baltimore to the massacre in Charleston, our country is on a noticeable decline. Most of us are not blind to the racial attacks on blacks not only by law enforcement, but by other opposing forces. Sunday night on the BET Awards, Michael B. Jordan briefly shed light on those who went out and protested and made the necessary moves towards justice in these unfortunate situations. Ending his #BlackLivesMatter oriented speech with this,

We see you,and we applaud your unbreakable, unshakeable strength

This was in reference to Ferguson, Baltimore, Charleston, and other places in our nation who have experienced a series of poignant events due to unrest and racial tension.

Michael‘s speech appeared more authentic because of his brief stumble over a few words. Many looked at it as an amusing blunder, there was also the majority who saw strength in him as well as the speech he continued to articulate marvelously.

Why was this speech what we needed? We often feel like celebrities don’t care about what us regular folks experience, but in all actuality we are all human. Michael reminded us that he was affected by the recent calamity just as much as the next person. He also showed that even though he’s doing movie projects and more that’s he’s very much attentive to what’s going on around him. It was a refreshing feeling and we appreciate it, speaking for the citizens including myself who couldn’t take it anymore and got up off of our asses to protest, march, and make a statement that, “Yes #AllLivesMatter, but #BlackLivesMatter as well.”

Thank You Michael.