[Question of the Day] Does Childhood Still Exist For the Youth?

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In this current society there are no limits to what you can do, no boundaries is what I really mean. This picture is a prime example of how society has turned for the worst when it comes to our youth. Children are being robbed of their childhoods because their parents are either still trying to live out their childhoods or the parents simply are introducing their children to adult fads too early. For example, letting your young daughters indulge in the make-up world at the ages of 5 and 6 or, letting your sons have cell phones at the ages of 8 and 10, what are they learning from this? What happened to learning toys and watching after-school cartoons? This is our generation of lawyers, doctors, and more we definitely have to do better with parenting skills. #soundoff




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  1. I think its the decline in family values, morals and parenting.Parents are too busy (or they think they are) to actually take on the job of proper parenting. Kids are left to dicipline themselves and or sitters/daycare are left to this..yikes!
    Parents let their kids have exposure to our liberal media and endless hours of TV watching and video game playing…this is a totally passive activity with no creativity and over exposure to things are are not age appropriate..There is a shift toward self-reliance and consumerism as cultural and family values.I think this all starts at home and parents need to take responsibility for parenting their children and stop blaming society, schools, etc… it is up to a parent what their children learns, sees, values, etc.. Just my 2 cents.

  2. so true …and now a days its cute to have disobedient children….look at that youtube video with the little kid trying to get snacks..he wont listen to his mother.. He kept saying “Linda, Linda” wouldn’t even call her mom.. And everyone is like AAAW so cute…please there is nothing cute about that!

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