[Buzz] Holla Back Girl, Gwen Stefani may replace Christina Aguilera on The Voice



It has yet to be confirmed if  Gwen’ Stefani‘s contract is final to replace Christina Aguilera on NBC’s “The Voice,'” due to Christina’s pregnancy . There has been talk about Stefani  joining the coach panel but, NBC reps made it clear that decisions haven’t been made. If  Stefani joins The Voice she will be coming in with Pharrell who recently was announced to join the show as one of the coaches in the spot of CeeLo Green. Season 7 will start filming in June. According to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/, Stefani’s job wouldn’t be permanent and  she will be coaching alongside Pharrell, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Christina will be returning to The Voice for Season 8.



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  1. I saw No Doubt in concert way back in 1995(showing my age). It was before Gwen and the group became big stars. It was at a little club called Glass House. It was decent show until people starting fighting and throwing things! Someone threw a plastic bottle that hit Gwen in the face! She was okay though,the bottle was empty. I just couldn’t believe people were acting like such fools. The club was 85% white folks too!lol Hardly any black people were even there. Most people think only black people act like that at concerts.lol
    I think Gwen will be a good coach. Overall I think Shakira is the best judge though.

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