Lost files : Shae meets actors, Wendell Pierce, Emory Cohen and others during the screening of “FOUR” at Owings Mills AMC Theater


Sorry for the extra late post guys! This moment was humbling for me though. I was doing my regular twitter rounds and came across a tweet from Wendell Pierce saying that there would be a screening for an independent film called  FOUR and that he along with Michael Eric Dyson, Emory Cohen and Joshua Sanchez would be there for a q&a session. I most definitely took advantage of the opportunity and tweeted to say that I would be in attendance. So I went. I enjoyed the film and very much participated in the q&a session. It was a great experience for me.


Here’s me, Emory Cohen and the distributor of the film.

I also was lucky enough to briefly talk with the director of the film, Joshua Sanchez. This night inspired a movie review written by me that was looked at by Christina Giorgio and Joshua Sanchez,the director and producer of the film , FOUR.