I wish they all could be California Girls: Last weekend while In Cali


A Vacation for me was needed indeed! I work hard between work and school I never have time  to do anything else! So why not take a trip to California, I’ve been wanting to go there my whole life! Now it wouldn’t be a great trip without great people.


My whole trip was spent with great company. My friends, Roc and Shay made sure that I had a good time while I was there! I appreciated their hospitality while I was there! Many people were so surprised to see that I was friends with them but, when good vibes are felt it definitely brings people together! Who would have thought, definitely not you. We shared good times along with good laughs and I can truly say the trip was very much worth it!


It’s like I’ve known you guys all my life!


I was also inspired by some things that I saw while I was in California, I felt at home and also at peace. It was like my own little escape.



Long story short, I am coming back! One day I hope I will be coming here to stay! The only thing that puzzled me was how people could figure out that I wasn’t from here. I went to a party and they were calling me Baltimore, it was funny as hell. California I fell in love with you once my feet touched the grounds at LAX,can’t wait til we meet again!


Be Jealous, very jealous!