Fan Appreciation (Michael B. Jordan) : We Love Michael Because…


This is the face of growing success! This is the gesture of pure satisfaction from no other than Michael B. Jordan! Don’t ever forget the B. I can go on and on about him until my last breath but, I decided that I let him hear from some of his other fans by expressing their appreciation for Michael as an actor. He recently graced the movie screens this summer with his leading role as Oscar Grant in “Fruitvale Station”, which is a must see just to rub it in just a little bit. Being one of the most interactive celebs when it comes to social sites like Twitter, many of his female fans as well as me have crazed over the 26 year-old heart throb. Many people can relate to him because he is very amicable and humble compared to the typical Hollywood snob. Many wish to meet this charming , very handsome, and young man with a surplus of talent. Michael has a variety of fans, some who may only love him because he is appealing to the eye while there are other fans who love what he does and, his passion shown for the work he does and has done in the past. I want to know why you love Michael! I’ll start by giving my personal testimony.


Shae McCoy




“I could go on and on about the reasons that I love Michael B Jordan. He actually had to grow on me as an actor. When I was eight years old it was my first time seeing him on television. I saw him on Bill Cosby’s “Cosby.” He was just starting out back then I believe but he was too cute, brushing that hair like his life depended on it. The next time that I saw him on screen was on “Hardball” he had yet to give me  a reason to keep up with his career but he was once again appealing to my eye. The next time I saw him on television was on the HBO series “The Wire”, when I listened to interviews I noticed that he said ,a lot, that when he  played Wallace that was where he was able to grasp the concept of acting and become his character. He was able to “be” Wallace. I admired that about him because I could relate to Wallace in a way coming from the inner city of Baltimore. From then on out I kind of kept up with his career but got off track. What connected me back to him was “Chronicle”, even though his character was short lived he did a great job acting as he always does. I was well aware of other series he appeared in like “Parenthood” and “Friday Night Lights” but wasn’t too  in tune with them. When I found out that he was playing Oscar Grant I was jubilant like a proud mother. I was ecstatic that he landed a role as serious, it satisfied me as a fan and supporter to know that I can take him that serious. I think that Michael is underrated as an actor but, I will do my best as a supporter to suggest that he gets more leading roles as such. Besides him being a great actor, I love Michael because he is the ideal man to bring home to mom! I haven’t met him yet but from what I watch and what he is like according to Twitter he seems like a very humble well kept man. He is a man that I can have an intelligent conversation with while laughing at the humor of yesterday.He seems like the typical friend I would have around forever. He is an inspiration to me,also the reason I started my blog. Michael showed me that no matter where you come from or what setbacks you have that achieving you goal/dream is always possible. Thank You Michael can’t wait to meet you! I can’t wait for your new movie either!”


Jahnell Owens
Chester, PA

Twitter: @JahnellAnya

“I love Michael B. Jordan because he is about amazing actor but, not only that;I love him because he cares about others and is a true sweetheart. He isn’t “cocky” towards his fans and he is very humble. He used hard work and dedication to get to the top. I love him because he is educated, sophisticated, and simply just knows what to say.”


Age: 21
New Jersey

Twitter: @xaoleem

“Okay, so I’m a new found fan of Michael.
It all started a month before “Fruitvale Station” was released.
He caught my attention at first because of his handsomeness (obviously), but then I went on my ” Michael B Jordan catch up spree”. I spent a week and a half watching shows on Netflix to catch myself up with his career. The Wire, Parenthood, and Friday Night Lights, etc. I was in love! Then the interviews on Youtube. This guy is such a humble, intelligent sweetheart. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing “Are We Officially Dating” which comes out in January I believe,  Can’t wait.  We love you Michael!”


Pensacola, Florida

Twitter: RickaReek

“I love Michael B. Jordan because he is just a phenomenal actor. He is very inspirational and gives his all in every single acting role he has been in. You can just tell by the intensity in his work. He really speaks to people in all walks of life. He really makes it hard to NOT love him. His excellent acting skills, his fun, loving personality, his love for his fan, & that smile,that smile could light up any dark room. I can’t say I have watched ALL his work (well everything with the exception of “Parenthood”and I’m working on that right now) but I have watched everything from Michael on “Cosby” to Oscar Grant in “Fruitvale Station” and I will be going to see Mikey in “Are We Officially Dating?” in January. Every interview, read them all, watched them all. I just love me some Michael Bakari Jordan. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan but gosh darnit, I’M UP THERE ON THE LIST! I’m in the top 20. Hopefully he’ll read this & know how real my love is for him! Lol”
Age: 19,
 Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @xoxoQueenG_
“I love Michael because he has been in the entertainment industry for many years and still remains humble. He always shows his fans love whether its in person or on Twitter. Also as an aspiring entertainer he reminds me that hard work and dedication will pay off and take you far no matter what!”
23 years old
Twitter: @ladymichaelb
” I love Michael B Jordan because he’s one of a kind and he’s a  young and very gifted actor. He’s GORGEOUS, he has TALENT, and  he paves the way for other young African Americans who want to become actors. I look forward to seeing him in  upcoming movies. He’s the next best thing. Watch out lol”


Nickname: Millie
age: 26
 Atlanta, GA
Instagram: @ dr_psych_ya_mind /Twitter: @ DrPsychYaMind
“For me to explain why I support Michael B. Jordan and his endeavors would be very lengthy so I will attempt to be brief. I am a supporter not a fan. I feel there is a significant difference between the two. I prefer to call myself a supporter because it is beyond just going to the theater but really appreciating the craft and the talent that he has. As a supporter I route for nothing less than longevity for his success in his career and life. I don’t consider myself a fan because I feel as though that term eludes to following someone for a short period of time, similar to a fad. Whomever is popular, at the time, has the most fans but the supporters are there for the long haul. I respect his talent. The guy has talent, seriously! To me it is more than regurgitating words from a script, it is about embodying the character. Losing himself in a character so effortlessly that I forget I am watching Michael and all I see is the character. The body language and mannerisms add to the acting. It’s what brings everything full circle. Just like Michael I was born in February of 1987 so when I see him I see myself and my friends. I see someone who grew up watching the same cartoons and listening to the same ’90s music as I did. It is also like watching a classmate that you graduated with go off and do great things and you are routing for them because you have so much in common. I have friends who are doing great things with their lives and I feel now is our time to shine in the world. Now it is time for the new generation to make their mark on the world. The new faces are being ushered in and I believe Michael is the face for the thespian world. He will break barriers with his craft to blueprint a path for later generations after him. He is still young and has so much more to offer this world and I hope he exercises and utilizes every talent he has so I can say, “I told you so!”


Age: 26

Brooklyn, NY

Twitter: @writersdelite Instagram: @writersdelite

As soon as I saw the post on Twitter for this project, I knew that I had to do it. I hope to not only meet Michael one day, but I also hope to work with him. However, I know the chances of that are slim, so participating in this became all the more important, as it may just be the only chance I have to express to him just how much he has meant for and to me. I’ve seen “Fruitvale Station” twice. The first time I saw it was Thursday, August 8th, 2013 and I have not been the same since. I am a fan because Michael B. Jordan changed my life—literally—in ways that he may never know. Due to space and the personal nature of my transformation, I will not go into detail here, but if by some chance I ever do get to meet him, I hope that I will have the chance to tell my story. I could go on and on about how attractive he is (and he surely is), but his performance as Oscar Grant moved me in a way that I never expected—in a way that I don’t think anyone expects going into a theater—and has continued to do so for weeks.

Before seeing Fruitvale, I did not know who he was by name, though I’d seen his face. (I saw Red Tails in theaters and, as an avid Law & Order franchise fan, I saw the episode of Criminal Intent in which he appeared.) MBJ and I are the same age (he is 30 days older than me), so I was too young to watch The Wire when he was on the show (plus we didn’t have HBO), I’ve always hated soap operas, and I just never watched Friday Night Lights or Parenthood, although I was superficially aware of them. I hadn’t even heard of Chronicle until after becoming a fan, even though it opened at #1 at the box office. Needless to say, after August 8th, I swallowed everything I could find: I started watching FNL from season 4, when he joined the cast, and finished watching seasons 4 and 5 within a week. I watched all episodes of Parenthood in which he appears within a week. In both instances, I was pleasantly surprised. They are the kind of shows that even if Michael was not in them I would love them. It speaks to the kind of work with which Michael chooses to associate himself, which in turn speaks to his artistry, ambitions, and character. I continue to consume YouTube interviews, I watched Chronicle and re-watched Red Tails, and I read every interview or profile I can find.

Because of him, I am currently following my dream of becoming a filmmaker (screenwriting and possibly directing). I am struggling to write this because I feel like it’s just not good enough—it doesn’t fully express how I feel, how much of an influence Michael has had in my life over the last six weeks, or how much my life and mind have changed as a result of knowing his work and knowing him as an artist. I hope that what little I have expressed here is an encouragement to him and that he gains at least some understanding of how much he has meant to me. I wish him a rich, rewarding career, and I plan to go see “That Awkward Moment” when it hits theaters in January. I don’t even like romantic comedies. Now that’s loyalty, LOL.

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Newark, NJ

twitter @ MbjLady

Every time I think about Michael B Jordan i tend to get so excited that he has made it . Being from Newark, NJ,I know where he comes from and also the high school he attended which was arts high school. Growing up in Newark ,NJ was never easy dealing with drugs, killings etc. I can truly say  i’m so proud of him because he has made something of himself and is doing what he loves. To only think he was told by a random lady he should get into modeling and then started  acting God knew this was his calling. His acting is so real and so touching. After watching “Fruitvale station” , I saw a whole different person from who i saw in his previous movies. I have seen so much growth from him and I feel so proud as if we really know each other. Everyone from Jersey is so proud of Michael and we will continue to support him and love him ..