[QOTW] What Are Your Dreams? [ Written by Brandon Williams]

Each and every one of us has had dreams. I don’t mean dreams in the sleeping sense, I mean those waking dreams that keep us getting out of bed in the morning; the dreams that we held as children when we saw people of our favorite professions at work, whether it be a firefighter, an actor, a teacher, or a rapper. These dreams tend to shift as we grow older and become a bit more grounded in our own personal reality. While something like a firefighter or teacher is a bit easier to attain, the more standout dreams like becoming an actor, director, or another form of entertainer is less accessible and tend to fall by the wayside…at least they used to be. We are currently in an age where the word impossible is merely a word used in the titles of action movies because there is almost no limit to the things that we can achieve now. Thanks to the advances made in both technology and communication, we have the tools at our fingertips to literally be anything that we can dream of. Now I understand that as adults our dreams can sometimes be pushed to the back burner or even erased as our responsibilities pile up. These responsibilities can often take first priority in our life causing us to replace the pursuit of our dreams for the pursuit of security and other forms of success, and while these can be fulfilling, they tend to be more of a short-term financial fulfillment instead of the deeper longer lasting brand that fuels us to keep going. Dreams come in all forms, this is a misconception that people have, they feel that their dreams must encompass or meet a certain set of rules or parameters to be deemed worthy, but as stated before, this is the time to take the leap. Whatever your dream may be, there is a market or an audience for it, I can almost guarantee you. There are people who sell tickets for art shows that consist of the person standing completely still in one place, while there is another group of people who are bagging up air putting it into jars and selling it for a profit. So believe me when I say that no dream or idea is too extravagant or too far out of reach. The question I would like to pose to you all today is, what are your dreams?? Are they your motivation and the driving force that keeps you up grinding at night, or have they been placed on the shelf waiting for the day your life provides them the opportunity to spring back to life?  I hope that those of you who are reading this have held on to a little piece of your dreams, whatever they may be. Share them with us in the comments. and if you are chasing yours, let us know how we can follow your example and live our truth by chasing our own.