[Poetry] Wasting Time Pt. 2/3 [Written By Chasity Pryor]

I remember it all so vividly, the day that you said you loved me.

We weren’t a month in and already you felt like I was yours forever.

I couldn’t believe it, but then again I could because I felt the same way.

I remember freaking out because I couldn’t believe that you could love me so quickly

and that I could love you.

I didn’t say it back because I was afraid.

I thought that we were moving too fast.

Is there such a thing, though? Moving too fast?

Love is love, right?

It’s all supposed to be so beautiful—

until it isn’t.

Distance became an issue,

time wasn’t on our side and

eventually, we let go.

So here I am with all the time in the world

and you aren’t around to spend it with me.

I was afraid that we were moving too fast and now we aren’t moving at all.