[QOTW] What Worries You The Most About Trump’s Presidency? [ Written By Brandon Williams]

Image Source: www.slate.com
Image Source: www.slate.com

Well, folks here we are; an entire 17 days into what is shaping up to be one of the most infamous President’s to have ever taken the reins of this country, and things have already gotten off to a scary start. From several executive orders being signed that will shape, not only international relations with the United States, but also internal relationships among the states, to the misguided appointments of various members of staff in positions they have no business in, such as Ben Carson as the leader of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and most recently Ms. Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, it seems that the Trump Presidency (Ugh, it’s still painful to say out loud) is moving full steam ahead and not caring who it upsets or runs over in the process. And again let me remind you all that we’re only a mere 17 days in, that’s two weeks and 3 days into a 4 year term in office, and we have to hope that its only 4 years because if the entire country was stupid enough to vote for him once, we can’t put it past them to do it again. We have to keep our wits about us more than ever now, everyday things are growing more tense, not just locally but globally and with such an unpredictable person behind the wheel there’s no telling just where we might end up. But the question I pose to you, our faithful and dedicated readers, is what is it about this presidency that has YOU on the edge the most? Again, I know it’s still early and that none of us are able to see into the future to know what it entails, but based off of what we’ve seen thus far and by the existing knowledge we have, not only of Trump but of those who voted for and follow him as well, we can make a pretty good guess. So what’s your greatest Trump Terror? Are you afraid of the impending threat of war or military attack from other countries? Does his blatant ignorance, especially in regards to political news and affairs, scare you in that his decisions are most likely being made for him? Are you concerned that the appointments that he’s made will have a hazardous impact on not only you but your loved ones well being? Do you think that his presidency will, not awaken, but make racism more mainstream and take us to a form of modified Jim Crow where brazen attacks are made against minorities? I can admit that of all things I fear the latter option more than any others, simply because evidence of that one has been shown to us throughout the entire campaign so I can only imagine how much worse it will get once he actually gets his hands on certain bills and amendments in regards to the constitution. What’s your big Trump Terror?? Tell us in the comment section, let’s see if any of us have the same concerns and if possible, see what and how we can combat these issues to protect our peace of mind as well as our well being as citizens of this country.

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