[Opinion ] When Is It Justifiable To Kill?

Photo Credit: Shae McCoy| Baltimore, Md.
Photo Credit: Shae McCoy| Baltimore, Md.

Sadly but surely, it is becoming the norm to hear about cop-related shootings. In Baltimore, the majority of the time the cop is doing the shooting. Just a couple of days ago there was a police-related shooting in the southwest region of Baltimore. This shooting involved a cop who was said to be familiar with the victim. The victim was 18 year-old, Curtis Deal. Deal was shot and killed by the officer after a brief on-foot pursuit. Today I was able to see the body cam footage courtesy of The Baltimore Sun. The footage of the pursuit  left me in awe for many reasons. The fact that Curtis had a gun in hand wasn’t my biggest concern; him being 18 years old was. Once I saw that shots were fired and he no longer had the choice to surrender, my heart started to ache. I saw the outrage from people who knew him, friends and family alike. I even got to read the views from the officer’s standpoint. Was this death justifiable?  To his family and other Baltimore residents who share the same views, no it was not. To the officers, yes it was because Deal had a weapon visible and they felt threatened.  At this point in society, death is just too normal for my own comfort. If someone steals from you, runs from you, or does anything just as simple as bumping into you, it’s subject to death. Many police pursuits in Baltimore City have ended in death whether it was the cop or the alleged suspect’s fault. There are ways to deescalate these types of situations  in order to avoid incidents, but it seems as if killing is easier. When is it ever justifiable to take another person’s life? I say in most situations, never. No matter the favorable or unfavorable standpoint. What’s your take?

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