[QOTW] Have You Ever Used Anyone? [Written By Brandon Williams]


When the subject of being used comes about, it is rarely done from the perspective of the user. We as people tend to only speak about being the victim of others using and abusing our time, our kindness, our bodies, our money, career opportunities, etc. I think it’s one of the most hurtful yet necessary experiences we all have in life, the feeling that a person only acknowledges or requests our presence when they have something to gain from it. I know it’s weird to say that it is necessary, but I am of the belief that in life we need to have just as many negative experiences as positive ones because they aid us in our growth as people and help us to learn discernment when it comes to future interactions with people. It gets worse when you find out after having been used for so long without realizing it. You’ve devoted your time and energy, amongst other things, into this person or entity only to find out that they weren’t giving anything in return, but instead taking as much from you as you gave. But I want us to take a look from the other side; I want to ask if you’ve ever been the one to use someone. I realize that this may not be an easy topic to open up about, as being a user is difficult to take pride in, but I think that all of us have done it at some point.

So tell us, have you ever been in a situation where someone had something that you valued more than you actually valued them as a person, be it their time, money, the fact that they had a car, etc.? What is it that kept you around this person that you would have had nothing to do with otherwise? Tell us in the comments below, and given the subject matter, we completely understand if you’d prefer to keep your comments anonymous.