[Interview] Shae McCoy Interviews Local Baltimore Barber/Stylist, Max Styles

Shot By: Shae McCoy (Coy-Op Photos)
Shot By: Shae McCoy (Coy-Op Photos)

A female barber/stylist with a huge heart and creative hands, Max Styles is very advanced in her craft. I got the pleasure to stop by her shop to get to know her a little more. We talked about her barber artistry and what makes her different from your average barber. I actually came in while she had a client so I got to see for myself what she could do with the clippers. Aside from being a barber, Max was able to share some of her personal stories with me as well. Listen to the interview below.

Also, I was able to get testimonies from two of her customers before they got in Max’s chair. Listen Below.

Myers Impact Holistic Health Club Founder/Owner, William Myers| Shot By Shae McCoy (Coy-Op Photos)
Terharsa Jordan| Shot by Shae McCoy (Coy-Op Photos)

For those who want to be cut or styled by Max, here is her location info:

2113 North Charles St. Ste 201 2nd floor

Baltimore, Md.

Walk-ins are welcomed

Social Media: