[QOTW] What Does Gun Control Mean To You? [Written By Brandon Williams]

Image Source: YouTube

The question of gun control is one that has been at the forefront of our country since the second amendment was instated in 1789. Some of the major issues involve deciding who is able to own and carry a gun, whether the general public should be allowed to purchase guns at all, and the appropriate caliber that the general public is able to access. Although valid arguments exist on both sides, I fear that this country will continue to remain at odds about it. The trickiest concept involving gun control is the fact that the majority of street crime is happening with illegal weapons. The big question is Where are the guns coming from, and How can we control them when we aren’t even able to keep them off of the streets. Some of these people on the street are able to get their hands on military grade weaponry, and a select few are even able to stockpile enough of it that they look like they’re building an armory for some kind of guerrilla warfare. That is where I think gun control needs to be tackled first and foremost. We need to figure out how to stop the seemingly unending flow of firearms of all sizes and calibers into the inner cities and other locations where unauthorized and sometimes even under aged people are able to acquire them. At the same time, I feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong with someone wanting to own a personal firearm for the protection of their home or family if ever a life threatening situation were to occur. The way I see it is, for every terrible tragedy that is caused by gun violence, there are also situations where lives are saved and spared due to the ownership or possession of a firearm. So, we ask our readers this week, what does gun control mean to YOU? Are you an advocate of gun ownership and feel that the only guns that should be controlled are legal one? Are you anti-gun and believe that they should only be possessed by military personnel or no one at all? What is your stance on gun control, and what do you think can and should be done to better control gun laws in our nation today?