[Heavy’z Thoughts] It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To President Obama.


Image Source: www.20minutes.fr
Image Source: www.20minutes.fr

These past 8 years have been tumultuous. There were a lot of ups & downs, highs & lows, and everything in between. One of the biggest highs of this decade was the election and presidency of Barack Obama. Being able to watch him grow from presidential hopeful into one of the most charismatic and efficient Commander’s in Chief that our country has ever seen, has truly been a great thing to witness. But, it hasn’t always been easy to watch due to the constant stream of hateful comments and criticisms about his political decisions and about his race. Combine that with the conflicting emotions from the African American citizens who wanted to be proud of the work that he was doing but still felt like more needed to be done, it’s safe to say that the past two terms with Obama behind the wheel have been stressful. Given the circumstances, I think that he did a pretty good job. He had limited resources and was given the presidency during a time when the economy was at one of its lowest points. There were several military conflicts occurring at the time of his inauguration, and with the Democrats being the minority in Congress, a lot of his attempts at resolving issues were turned away. The odds were against him from the very beginning. But even in the midst of all the havoc, Obama still managed to hold his head high and face all the opposition with a calm sense of control that made us glad to follow him in the first place.

I think that people don’t give Obama enough credit for the things he HAS accomplished during his presidency. Granted, he may not have had a hands-on role in the killing of Osama Bin Laden, but he did greenlight the operation that brought the man to justice. He has also made phenomenal strides in lowering the unemployment rate and providing the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people to receive healthcare. So, as we prepare to say goodbye to one of the most iconic public figures, politicians, and black men of our generation, let us remember what he stood for. He is proof that when everything seems to be working against you, when obstacles are thrown at you left and right, to keep on working. No matter what people say about Obama, they cannot take away his legacy. Thank You. We appreciate everything that you stood for and we will miss you and OUR family in the White House, President Barack Obama!

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