[QOTW] Did This Teacher Go Too Far? [Written By, Shae McCoy]


Source: Facebook

A Maryland teacher may have put her foot in her mouth this past week due to the posts on her personal social media account. Deer Park Elementary teacher, Kelly Forostiak, took to her Instagram account to post a picture of her students. The picture wasn’t the issue that most people had, it was the caption under it which stated , ” Field day with my little assholes that I somehow still love.” To some, this was declared inappropriate and a little extreme for a teacher that educates elementary school aged children. To others , it was just an expression of the close bond she has with her students. Since this has happened, Forostiak has faced disciplinary action. New photos have surfaced from the Baltimore County school teacher’s Instagram which may further increase the seriousness of the discipline placed upon her if these pictures are recent.


Source: Facebook


Source: Facebook

Did this teacher go too far or,  is this a display of a great teacher-student bond?

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