[Advice from Kev] Claim Your Crown [Written by, Kevin Hart]

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Do you wanna receive something good in life? Of course, you do. There’s nothing in life we seek to do without hoping for goodness to come from it. Why would we if we knew that it wasn’t producing something good for us? I’d be quick to say, we wouldn’t do anything at all if we expected it all to be bad. Yet some of us, this is what we do.
Either we expect chaos and struggle in everything we attempt, or we allow worry to paralyze the moves we would make. Whether you’re floating through life expecting the worst, or stuck in a rut and can’t move, neither is a healthy approach to life. I know both sides from experience and I can honestly say  that it’s the worst thing ever to cut yourself off from the goodness of life. Why live if we can’t enjoy it? Let us live in joy then! Let us receive goodness when we can act out our passions and engage with our interests. With joy comes purpose, and vice versa. Let our thoughts and words become filled with an expectation of that purpose, a subtle confidence in respecting the process, to find fruitful results for ourselves. Can we speak life and expect it to grow, despite the thorns suffocating our valiant efforts? Despite the scavengers who steal credit for our hard work, can we continue believing goodness is due to us?
Don’t be discouraged if the world exchanges your reward for a rotten apple. Don’t just turn away in shame and eat the nasty fruit given to you! Turn it down with kindness and be bold in claiming that mediocrity isn’t what you signed up for. Don’t be ashamed to let others know that you deserve better, and so do they. Stand for your quality standards, and stand up when you’re fearful you’ll be told to sit down.
Do not allow your portion to be robbed, but speak your fill and exercise your discernment properly when challenged with injustice. Share your gut feelings with as much self-control and grace as you can, and decide right now not to let the inappropriate things of the world go unaccounted for. Speak up, even if you’re the only one listening at first. Show up and point out what doesn’t belong. Pinpoint the barriers and distractions so that God can remove what’s blocking your blessings. It is not for us to physically remove the bad fruit on our own but, if we refuse to settle for less than goodness, the universe will begin to take notice and God will turn the blockers in our favor. People will see your drive for life and realize you’re simply about your business and that no nonsense can overtake you. Sometimes we have to teach our givers what is an acceptable gift. Not every opportunity is a good one, so be on the watch for the enemy’s strategy to block you out with something you really don’t want or need.
Find the balance and don’t numb yourself to difficult confrontation. Let your light shine, harvest love everywhere you go, and don’t let the plans of the enemy go unnoticed. This is where they want you to remain silent, but be sure the problem won’t go away on it’s own. Call out the cancer in your family, friends, and professional network so you can love them better and claim your worth. If you see something, say something. Don’t let it go unspoken just because you can tell that others are still not hearing you. Plant seeds of goodness and it will return to you. Have faith in God, trust in the difference you make, and be relentless in pursuing what matters most to you. It will be given to you when you truly need it but only if your heart is set on jumping the hurdles and bypassing all that might take you off your path. In order to administer the cure, you’ve got to identify the sickness.
Persevere beyond all odds and you surely won’t be disappointed. The choice is yours so, don’t get caught halfway between blessings and blockage. You are your own decision maker. We are royalty in God’s kingdom. Kings and queens, don’t settle for less than a life full of goodness. Claim your crown

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