[Man Of The Night] Michael B. Jordan’s Double Win At The NAACP Image Awards


I guess we know who’s having the best night ever! Michael B. Jordan is known to be a hard working young actor and heartthrob. Tonight he reaped the benefits of all of that. Creed may have been the best thing that happened to 2015 and as much as some don’t want to recognize it, tonight was just a tap on a shoulder to remind you of that. Tonight at the 2016 NAACP Image Awards there was great talent everywhere. The awards show and its nominees definitely showed  the diversity many of us were craving for unlike the Oscars. Oops. Furthermore, tonight was Michael‘s lucky night as he left with two very meaningful awards one for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture and to conclude the show he was deemed Entertainer of the Year! This was well deserved as we all watched Michael fight his way to the top in the Ryan Coogler directed boxing drama, Creed. Although he was the center of attention at that moment, Michael‘s naturally humble spirit poured right out of him as he began to speak and give thanks. The win feels even better when your family and friends are there to support. Congratulations to you! Oscar snub, who?

3 responses to “[Man Of The Night] Michael B. Jordan’s Double Win At The NAACP Image Awards

  1. YES!!! So happy and so proud of this young brother, Michael B. Jordan. What an epic evening for Mike, Ryan Coogler, and the motion picture Creed. Mike winning the Entertainer of The Year Award, was the icing on the cake. I’m excited for his future, sky is definitely the limit for Michael B. Jordan.

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