[Current Events] Three UAlbany Students Become Victims Of Hate Crime

 CBS 6 Albany
CBS 6 Albany

Racism is very much alive.

This past Saturday an assault occurred on a CDTA bus on Western Ave in Albany, Ny. The victims of this assault were said to be three black women/students of UAlbany. These students were verbally abused with racial slurs by a group of  10 to 12 white females and males. The verbal exchange turned in to a physical altercation which left one of the three women  hospitalized. Bus footage and some cellphone footage has been turned over to police, but they are still asking for any footage from the incident so that they can identify the individuals involved.

Monday, protesters took on the UAlbany campus to support the three students and to rally against sexism and racism. Protesters included members of the National Congress of Black Women and the Albany chapter of Black Lives Matter, .  They demanded that school officials deal with the people involved with this hate crime accordingly. If they were students of school, UAlbany president, Robert Jones plans to hold them fully accountable for their actions. He sent out a letter expressing his concerns, but will that be enough for the women who fell victim to criminals who could in fact be their peers?

Witnesses or anybody that knows anything about the incident are being asked to contact UAlbany Police or the Albany Police Department.

Call UPD at (518) 442-3131,

Email UPD at UPDWeb@albany.edu

Contact APD at (518) 462-8039



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