[QOTD ] Will Gov. Larry Hogan’s Plan To Raze Vacants Help and/or Hurt Baltimore?

current events, economy, question of the day / Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Source: Bizjournals.com

On Tuesday Maryland governor, Larry Hogan made an announcement about various investments that he believes will help Baltimore City. If you live in Baltimore you are familiar with one of the city’s biggest problems, vacancies. Vacant homes have been decaying for years on Baltimore’s streets and have been an eyesore to residents, and tourists. Hogan announced a 700 million dollar investment where 75 million dollars will go to demolishing vacants over a four year span. Actions are set to take place immediately. Money will also go to private developers to provide affordable housing and retail space.Those areas of demolition will be replaced with green space and parks. The plan is to redevelop these areas. Some are screaming gentrification saying that this vacancy demolition and redevelopment is fuel to an agenda to push blacks futher out of the city. Some residents support this multi-million dollar project. With other projects going to dust such as the Red Line, do you think Hogan is capable of putting Baltimore residents at ease with this current proposal?

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  1. Can’t really trust politicians, most of them double talk, what may seem good to the eye, may not be. For all we know could be the cause for more being homeless, especially with that price.

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