[Hit Or Miss?] Beyoncé Wants To Compose And Star in Her Own Saartjie Baartman Film

beyonceBeyoncé is known to be the doer of everything, but her alleged next move has many scratching their heads. Apparently the singer wants to work on and star in her own film about, Saartjie Baartman, known as Sarah Baartman. The historical Khoikhoi woman was/is known for her rare figure. Baartman was sold to London and paraded around  to and abused by white western audiences during the 1800’s. This still being a sensitive and controversial topic makes it seem right for someone to take it and make it a motion picture. Or does it? We all know Beyoncé is no stranger to acting and Oscar nominations, but a story like this will put heavy weight on her shoulders especially if she doesn’t live up to the expectations. If she goes through with this project, do you think it will be a success?


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