“We Should Be”

Baltimore Culture, black history, world news / Saturday, August 16th, 2014


What Should I Do? Act like nothing is going on around me? Act like I don’t watch the news? Act like I don’t have younger siblings that have to grow up in this mess of a world we live in? It’s sickening you would think that people would promote positivity more than tell us what to do negatively.

Recently we, and when I say we I’m referring to our HUMAN race, lost another young man due  to police brutality. In addition to that  we also learned about who shot him, and the “alleged” situation that happened before the shooting.


Those whom made themselves fully aware, knew about the protests down in Ferguson and how they became violent. Not  justifying that violence is the answer because, it’s not. In a sense you have to understand when people are fed up, people react.

So the night before last a lot of cities and states made it their business to pretty much spread awareness. It wasn’t a media cry, it was simply a “We know what’s going on and it happens everywhere, even our cities” type of thing. We rallied to comfort and inform.


Leave it to social media, you would have thought we were brainwashed militants trying to corrupt the streets. There was a lot of “you should,” “you shouldn’t,” and “what’s the points”

I live In Baltimore, one of the top cities in the country for crime  and police brutality. Whether it’s Black on Black, White on White, or Hispanic on Hispanic , it’s all the same. So don’t get it twisted when we gathered it wasn’t only to pay our respect to Ferguson and what they’re experiencing but, to also come together to comfort our own city where we experience the same type of crimes. There were people who gave their testimonies about their loved ones and about themselves. Of course we shouldn’t have done that right?

It’s an unfortunate battle that not only Baltimore, Ferguson or even Chicago has to deal with but, the whole country. What I noticed the other night is that I saw a lot of my peers, people I went to high school with, people I went to college with and neighbors gathered downtown. I also met new faces. Through the whole demonstration no one became violent but, we should have stayed home right?

It’s funny how all of the naysayers were probably home on their asses watching social media as this was going on. Posting statuses about how we should act and how what we did didn’t mean anything but, what are you doing to help? This wasn’t only an African American themed movement, it was a HUMAN movement. I agree that it is a bit sad that these type of situations have to bring us together at times. It still doesn’t make it right to discredit people for coming together.

I hate that I have to defend what I did because, honestly I don’t owe any of you an explanation neither does anyone who came out that night. Yes we’ve done this before for Trayvon Martin and with both of these rallies, if you were there, you would have known that these rallies weren’t strictly focused on these individuals. We discussed current situations in our city and how we could contribute to the solution while paying respect to the youth, other innocent and even non-innocent we’ve lost due to senseless violence. Death should not be the first “go to” when someone does wrong or simply doesn’t do things your way.

Would I be wrong in saying “You should have been there?” Would I be wrong in saying “Get up off of your ass and stop complaining and be part of the solution?” So what, people came out that usually don’t. So what, the media was there because, at the end of the night greatly past when the cameras left, our asses were still in the streets and you were home on Facebook or Instagram putting us down.

I want my sisters to be just as involved as I am. I want them to say, “Shae took part in bettering my future.” Not saying that rallies will fix any problem alone but, if anything it brought awareness to a plethora of situations and not just one.

We’re aware of crime in our city hell, I live in that shit. The heart of it. I’m one of the people who watches the news to be informed about these crimes. To be honest  when I heard about Michael Brown, I didn’t want to say anything, I was stuck and words would not come out. This was simply because as soon as you say one word, there’s alot of moms and dads that seem to appear out of nowhere telling you right from wrong.  I guess that’s what they’re doing right? The last time I checked my freedom of speech and press were not revoked.

I felt myself debating with bricks so I decided to stop talking. Then I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I have a voice and I will make that apparent as an individual.  I shouldn’t feel like a total piece of shit for positive demonstration. I shouldn’t feel like I can’t go and exercise the fact that I have a voice. I shouldn’t feel like I can’t gather with my peers to make others aware. As a human, I am disappointed in humans because we SHOULD be more encouraging when it comes to positivity.

Now tell me what we SHOULD do again.

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  1. You have the voice that a lot of others wish they had. I wish I had spoken up instead of taking the abuse from peers. I have always wished I spoke out for the ones who were treated different by high school teachers. They turned their backs when the rich or popular were bullying us. I could have made better grades and become a socially accepted person but I closed up in fear of ridicule. your voice may make a difference or may not, but you tried and I am proud to know that your generation is getting out and fighting for your rights. Something I couldn’t do. Keep up the great job and don’t pay any attention to the nay sayers.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and reaching out! I really am hoping my voice can change someone, or at least make them think. I’m not out here trying to make anyone feel low but, to make those who do feel like their voice means something out here

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    Speak our for what you believe in. Don’t let other s keep you from speaking out. And show your view. You have to have something ti believe in. Speak and be proud of yourself for doing the right thing. Something my generation wouldn’t do. They stand behind politics and don’t remember they have a voice to share. Making that statement could change a lot of political garbage that us ruining our nation. If you don’t succeed try try again are words that stick in mind. You have a voice and no one has the right to tell you what to believe in. No don’t cover your mouth speak up!

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