[Questionable] Lifetime Picks The Timbaland and Missy Elliott For Aaliyah Biopic

missy and timbaland
photo cred: slumz.boxden.com

Just when we thought things with this biopic was pretty much calmed down, suspense erupts once again. The Lifetime Aaliyah biopic recently had a change in the main character which wasn’t much different than the original star of the film. Recently Chattrisse Dolabaille, a canadian actress and Izaak Smith, who appeared on So You Think You Can Dance in Canada, were cast to play Missy Elliott and Timbaland in the upcoming film. Judging by the reactions when news first hit, people are having mixed reviews about the picks.  In addition to these two being cast there has been finalization on who will play Aaliyah’s parents, Uncle and Dame Dash and Aaliyah’s Brother. As of right now these two cast members appear the most questionable. What are your thoughts? Do you think they should have cast actors who resembled more or is it solely about the acting?


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