Question of the day : Do you think that us as humans, have complete control over our emotions?

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As human beings we tend to display many emotions as well as harbor them. It comes times where we do things that may be reactions to emotions that we “can’t control “but, are we really lying to ourselves?  When we say we can’t leave a person alone (after we have been abused and mistreated) because my that is where my heart is, do you really think that you don’t have control over that? Then you have disorders like depression where it is believed that emotions are not completely in our control, is it believable?

Shae McCoy

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  1. I read once that we have absolute control over our emotions and that they do not drive us but the other way around. As i’m getting older i’m learning to control my emotions better each day, especially anger. I think once you reach a breaking point of some sort with one emotions- whether sad or angry-than you begin to become more intune with what keeps making you feel that way & what can I do to change it. I know that was the case with me. I noticed that certain people really got under my skin so I cut them out and instantly felt a sense of calm and happy. One emotion usually starts a chain reaction so getting one in order sets the motion for all. You have control over anything that is yours in my opinion.

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