Maybe You Need To Have Sex and Move On With Your Life – Plain Truth 95

And he does it again lol

So, my homeboy was in a Facebook group explaining his issues with dating (and what not).It isn’t that fact that he isn’t handsome because he could probably pull 89% of the women out there (married, single, and even lesbian). Rather, it dealt with the fact that he lacks affinity for “he say, she say”. A female friend wanted to complain to him about what others had to say about her. As a man, he didn’t want to hear that mess.

Eventually, the conversation evolves into the typical/atypical collage of side commentary, switched up focuses, and comedy. Yet, there was a comment that stood out. It wasn’t some grand statement (in truth).Actually, it was pretty familiar. However, figuratively, it made plenty of sense. Sometimes, even when the conversation is derailed, you can gain some clear/conscious understanding of things.

The statement went like this:

Getting naked solves 98% of the world’s problems.

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One response to “Maybe You Need To Have Sex and Move On With Your Life – Plain Truth 95

  1. I loved that article and lord knows he’s right. People say it as a joke like,”girl you too uptight you need to get some”. But in all honesty that person is right. Sex does make you feel one hell of a lot better. Not saying it solves problems but it damn sure solves attitude problems. More women need to say fuk being a “lady” or waiting on Mr. right. Find a friend, strap up,& get some.

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