[Let’s Chat] I Got Lost: How to find yourself within the chaos [Written by Chasity Pryor]


I got lost. Sometime towards the end of 2017, I stumbled into a place that I couldn’t navigate properly and I got lost. It’s hard to find your way out of unfamiliar territory. I started to wander, walking aimlessly and tirelessly. It was easier to stay lost than to confront the problem that sent me […]

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[New Music Video] Indie X Greenspan [ft. Christen B]


Produced By: Dennard Watson (@dennardwatson) Album: Never Gon Die Directed by Angel Kristi Williams Director of Photography Kirby Griffin Produced by LaTonya Joyce for Six Point Pictures Entering Black history month with poise and elegance is the way to go! Baltimore music artist, Greenspan‘s Indie music video should be the blueprint for how blacks are […]

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Creative Woes : Don’t be afraid of change! [Written by Shae McCoy]


Too often we think that we’re supposed to have it all figured out. We stress ourselves out and let anxiety rule our minds. It’s normal. We go through our whole lives trying to figure out what it is that we are talented at and how can we make a living off of it. Once we […]

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[New Music] 7uca X Womens [Ft. Kon Kyoshi]

Baltimore Culture, music

Visual Direction By: 7uca and Ketsado Filmed By: Ketsado If you’re into music and instrumentals like I am, the first thing that stands out is the Spaz sample from N.E.R.D. Although it is slowed down, each artist did an immaculate job at delivering bars that rode the beat correctly. I’ve never heard of Kon Kyoshi until […]

January 25, 2018

[Music Video Premiere] Bamskelly x ¡CannaBass!

entertainment, music

Shot By: @Tip.Raw Edited by: @inaomi and Bamskelly If you need something to vibe to in 2018, this is the track for you! Even if you don’t indulge in the “CannaBass” lifestyle, you can still enjoy the flow that Bamskelly is bringing! Make sure that you check out the “¡CannaBass!” music video! Listen to Bamskelly‘s […]

January 13, 2018